About Us

Wolfpack Supply strongly believes in the bond between (wo)man and dog. Your pups' favorite place to be in the world is with you, going somewhere, anywhere! Whether you live near some epic wilderness and you go backpacking or climbing or alpine touring, or in a big city with dog parks and dog-friendly coffee shops, we encourage you to get out there with your fur friend. If he could give you dog hi-fives he would!

Rescue and adoption are a big part of our lives as well. We hope to encourage others to adopt, don't shop, for their next best friend. It breaks our hearts to know that so many thousands of homeless dogs are sitting in shelters right now, just waiting to go home with their forever family. Think of all the warm beds, belly rubs, and hikes they know they're missing out on!

We started our 'Purchase for a Pound' program to be able to give to shelters and rescues, to allow them to free up funds for medical needs, supplies, food, marketing efforts to get the dogs seen, or even to save just one more life. We donate one pound of food for every purchase here on wolfpacksupply.com. Each month we choose a different rescue or shelter to receive that month's donations. To apply for your rescue or shelter to be a recipient, please tell us a bit more about your organization.

Wolfpack Supply leashes are made and assembled in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Feel free to send us an email at help@wolfpacksupply.com. Now go and get adventuring!